Saturday, August 27, 2016

London....I am here!!!

I am here and loving it. The flight over was very Chaotic! After a flight change, because the first flight was delayed and I would have missed my connecting flight, and a fight almost breaking out in the bag check line, I was fine. The second flight was the interesting one. Once on board (after I had spoken to family and everything) I was comfortably in my seat, when a man can and sat next to me and was very talkative, which I didn't mind until he asked me if I would mind switching with his girlfriend, they got separated because the flight was booked.To this I was silent for a bit.....staring at him thinking to myself that I went through a whole flight change to be here and the lady at the check in desk gave me great seats with extra leg room. After 30 seconds of reflection I thought to myself I wouldn't mind letting her sit where I was as long as it was another window seat, he then proceeded to tell me that it was another window seat. I then said if we could clear it with the flight attendant then it was fine with me, really hoping that they would say no you can not, but of course they said it would be fine if both parties agreed. So long story short I ended up sitting next to the lovely Indian Couple. After take off everything was great I think I can't remember since I was unconscious for 2/3rds of the flight, but I know you are probably wondering about the Chaotic part. After the third nap and the second missed snack I woke up to a panic on board, there was an emergency! I woke up to flight attendants and people crowded in the corner asking if anyone was a doctor. To this I just turned my head and went back to sleeping hopping once I woke up again I would find it was all a dream. Unfortunately it wasn't and after I woke up from my other nap I realized this. I saw flight attendants moving the woman to the bathroom and it seemed as if she was just extremely lightheaded.

   The decend was fine and I got some cool pictures of the land. The seat change I did earlier turned out to be a great choice. Once on the ground we were told the paramedics would come get the person that was ill,but after 10 min of waiting they said everyone else was free to go.
The trip was a successful one and I am glad I made it safely next thing Ill talk about is customs and the ride to Dawn's house (or what I was conscious for lol) Ta Ta for now!
Come On London!!!

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