Monday, August 29, 2016


     Once off the plane I was kind of nervous even though I was following the signs, I felt as I was going to get lost. As I followed the huge crowd of people I was lead to the UK Border, which was a bit intimidating. Never the less I got in the extremely long line (Like EXTREMELY Long) and after a good hour I was at the desk ready to quickly and respectfully answer the questions and hand them the  probably incorrectly filled out boarding card. When the person at the desk began to ask me the questions I recalled the answers from the letter they gave us at Millikin and I was able to answer and go on with my day!!!
      That was probably the most nerve wrecking experience that I had while I was traveling beside the emergency in the plane. getting my bad was pretty stress free, I did think that they lost it cause the screen said the bags from my flight were on conveyer belt 9, then turns out they were really on 6. So that was a bit scary. Other than that they check in was pretty simple and quick.
     Once I had my bag I exchanged some of my dollars for pounds and then I met up with Dawn and Kevin (Best friends) which was funny because I was the only person really excited and people were staring at us. I have noticed while here that British people are VERY introverted, so this is an extroverts worse nightmare. It's been okay though I have just learned to be more chill around the city, but the one place where there is no chill is CARNIVAL!!

Come on London!!!

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