Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Extroverts worst nightmare

   There are many differences between American and European culture, but the one I want to focus on is the difference in social life. This country is truly an introverts dream land. If you're the type of person who hates it when people talk to you on the street or a person who doesn't like talking to people on the train, then London is the place for you. Even when clubing people are not very loud or chaotic.
   Last night I got the opportunity to go to a Beyoncé party and while there I walked in to a club of people sitting around, including Kevin, just having simple conversation. To this I was very shocked, at American parties people come on ready to sweat and everything else (no drinks required). Here people were sitting and talking as if they were at a dinner for two.  After a drink they would stand where they are sitting and dance, then have a nother drink walk away from the table just a little bit and dance, then have one more drink and get on the floor and dance; the whole time I felt as if I were watching people testing the water they were trying to swim in.
   I also thought it was weird that the DJ was not playing any Beyoncé songs. Come to find out around 10:30pm that the Beyoncé party was actually downstairs.......after hearing this announcement everyone grabbed all their belongings and ran as quickly as (and as safely) possibly downstairs. As we stepped through the doors we were greated with a love mix of Regge and oldschool Beyoncé. As more and more people showed up the party got more and more lively, the people were dancing but only with each other. This I was not use to in America when ever you are in a crowded club people are dancing with their friends but also grinding and dancing with others around them. This is not the case in London. Even when the club is packed people are very careful with who they are dancing with. I speak from experience here, there was this very lively couple Kevin and I were dancing with and they were very interactive, but they were also very separate and in their on little bubble while interacting with us.
As out night came to an end and we began to leave the club the staff there were very polite and kind they all asked us if we were leaving, then they would tell us to get home safely. Both Kevin and I were amazed at the hospitality of the club security as we were there and left. The night was an overall good night and I am glad I got the opportunity to go, if I could do it again then I definitely would. As we headed back home all I could think to myself was..

Come on London!!

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