Saturday, October 15, 2016

Viva Italia!!! 🇮🇹

This weekend i have had the opportunity to travel out of the country......hahahah or should I say out of the UK. Even though it is the title of this post i am still going to  announce that I am in Naples Italy!!!
It has been such an both a void and frustrating trip.  The city itself is very beautiful and there is so much history within it, from the many Viaducts to the buildings that are extremely old to the way the city is built on a hill. Once I got off the plane i was in love. Last night was my first time getting actual Italian food and I got lasagna, which was smaller than I tought but pact a very hard punch.
   Of course with the good of the city there is bound to be a bit of bad. Not only did I feel at home getting off the plane, but I also noticed I had no Signal, data, or Wi-Fi; even though the airport said it had Wi-Fi. This was a STRUGLE not only did I get a text from our Air b&b host saying he couldn't pick us up, but we had no idea of how to get to his place. And with no wifi, data (even though or phone suppliers said we had some) and for me nothing to eat since the night before, we were sitting ducks, in a new city, with American accents and 3 useless super computers (capable of everything but connecting to the internet.)

Standing around I thought to myself what are we to do? Then it hit me this is what we all have been preparing for our whole lives.  Math,  science, social studies, leadership classes and everything else. These classes were made to give us all basic knowledge of the world and our selves. This is when I thought about what Carmen said before we left "its in those moments that you find who you are as a person." It was in that moment that I realized that we could do anything with or without a phone.  So we converted our money grabbed a cab and made our way to our Air b&b, where we walled into this gorgeous view of the city. 

In those moments we got our stuff together and got what we needed done. I think we have concurred getting lost in an Italian city without phones.  Now let's see if we can find some cool clubs and bars and stuff. 珞 Challenge accepted.
Come on........Italy. 

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