Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Darius Lee: Smizing through London.

This week I got the opportunity to read another persons blog and I have to say that I did enjoy it. Darius  Lee also wrote a post about the slave museum and he talked about how the slaves staying  together and being each others support.
This made me think about the people of today and how people of color have stuck together through history. Unity is something I think that has been a key element in survival and perseverance in our history. It seems that as we are growing up there is less of this unity in our community. This is very dangerous when there are things that need to be done in the world, like reform of systems that have been put in place to gives privilege to certain groups. This unity is something many of us strive for within different communities but then we fail when it is for our own.

This unity is achievable for everyone but you have to start with yourself and then work a bit at a time. This, I think, is how we create a sense of unity within the world and our communities. Of course there is more work to this unity, but if we can start within then we would be able to work.

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